paneer kadai recipe

Paneer khadai masala
                                                                                                                        Timeing-1 hour
paneer khadai ke recipe
paneer khadai
1.      1cup refined flour
2.      2 cups wheat flour
3.      2 tsp carom seeds
4.      1 tsp red chili power
5.      Salt to taste
6.      1tsp garlic paste
7.      5 tomatoes ,chopped
8.      1 cup vegetable stock
9.      1tsp cumin seeds
10.  1tsp coriander seeds
11.  2tsp coriander power
12.  1 bunch fresh corridor
13.  6 green challis , chopped
14.  3 pieces ginger, chopped
15.  5 tbsp ghee(clarified butter)
16.  2 lemon         (paneer khadai recipe)
                                                                                          (food recipe 2)
1.      Make a dough of roti  ,using  madia, atta and carom  seeds . set aside .
2.      Cut  the paneer into size picess.
3.      In the khadai , heat oil and fry the cumin , red chili power , salt and then add garlic paste.
4.      Add in tomatoes and vegetable stock. Cook till tender.
5.      Roughly chop up the paneer and spice with red chilli flakes , cumin  seeds , coriander seeds , coriander power and leave to rest .
6.      In the kadhai ,add in the fresh  ccoriander,green chill, ginger and a pinch of all other spices .once the sauce  is quite thick , add in the paneer and cook briefly on a high flame.
7.      Make small rotis of the dough and fry .add a dollop of ghee at the end.
8.      Garnish with lemon and serve
                                                                                                                                                                                             (   paneer khadai ke recipe details       }                                                                                                            


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