BODY SIGNAL
                               (POSITIVE AND NAGATIVE THROUGHT )

body  signal
body language

·        Body signal  and when we work  it is seen that our behavior and attitudes .BODY SIGNAL  is most part I is our  behavior  to business and office  or our families .a person see our body signal  and know our mind I good situation ya wrong situation . your body signal proved you ara a good man and good personalities
·        Let start positive body signal to improve your good personalities  and good attitude
·                                         POSITIVE BODY SIGNALS

·         1.THE HEAD -TILT: we tilt our head when we are interested in what we see or hear. If you prospect is tilting , keep presenting .if his head straightens, wobbles or is dropped onto his chest ,get involvement or change direction.
·         2.HAND –TO CHEEK:this shows a positive evaluation of your presentation . the hand rests on the cheek but does not support the head . the finger usually touches the temple , if the head begins to be supported by the hands, interest is waning.
body singal
hand to cheek
·        3.SUCKING GLASSES:A person may also suck a pen , pencil or even their own lips. This is  a form of evaluation and can be seen when the person is trying to reach  a decision .it can be used to stall making a decision because in not answering while their mouth is otherwise occupied.
·         4.LEARNING IN:WE move closer to people and things  we find interesting or attractive . this is not to be confused with the starters positive  which looks similar but both hands are on the knees and the person looks like they are about  to start a race , probably towards the door .
·         5.THE STEEPLE: this gesture can be read as a slit gesture  and it display s a cool , confident attitude . the question is however  confident about what ? confident about going along with  you? confident about their own knowledge of the subject ? have they heard it all before ? the context under which it is used will  give you the correct answer.
·        6.PROTRUDING THUMBS: thumbs can protrude from coat pocket , trouser pocket or on lapels and braces . protruding thumbs signal a superior attitude  -confident and cool, similar to that of the steeple gesture. It is unwise to use this gester in front of your audience as it can also be read  as a smug or arrogant attitude.
·        7.both –hand –behind –head:used almost exclusively by men it communicates an attitude of , “I know all about this –I have got all the answer .”try asking this man a question such as ,I can see you know something about this –would you care to give us your experience?”this can result in either co-operation or a debate , depending on the context in which the gesture is being used.
·        1.CEITICAL EVALUATION : this gesture is widely used and reveals critical thoughts by the listener. The index finger points directly up the cheek , the thumb supports the chin and the middle finger is beside or over the mouth . a question like ,”what’s your opinion ?”can draw out the person corner.
·        2.picking- imaginary-lint: imaginary –lint  -picking reveals disapproval about what is being said .the person looks away while picking the imaginary lint or fluff. An approach such as “I can see you have a
·        3. THE COLLAR PULL:when someone question “could work well with this person. is silently angry  , upset or being deceitful it causes a tingling sensation in the neck which gives the person  the urge to pull the collar away from  the neck . a question like “how do you fell about this ?” could be appropriate .
·         4.PAIN IN THE NECK : THIS EXPERSSION PERFECTLE DESCRIBES WHAT is happing here .mounting tension or frustration cause the person to rub or slap the back of the neck to softy the tingling sensation that occurs when some one or something gives you a literal ‘ pain in the neck “  this is caused by the movement of the tiny erect pilled muscle in the neck.
body singal
pain in neck

·        5.SLOW BLINKING:This annoying gesture is used by a person who feels he is better ,wiser ,richer or smarter than you are and it is often accompanied with the raising up on the soles of the feet to gain height . the brain shuts out what is does not want to see by closing the eyes . this person may be look upon you whit contempt.
6.LEG- OVER –CHAIR:this has combination  of meaning –frist that the person feels relaxed and self –confident , particular if its not his chair ,second ,it’s a form of territoriality because he stakes his claim with the leg over the chair . the overall attitude is that  relaxed indifference
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