5 golden rule of success

                                                       GOLDEN RULE OF SUCCESS

 At the tender  age of 11, I was asked to sell household sponges to help rising money to build a hall for  my scout troop. The scoutmaster,  a wise old man divulged  a script to me;  I can it the law of  consequence I have lived by this law  and I getting tired that anyone who practice it must eventually success. I will give you this La exactly as as I received it success is a game the more times you play the more times you win more time you win the most successful you will play .

5 golden rule for success
success 2019

RULE NO .1#     this is the most important  rule  talk to anyone who is stand long enough  to listen to you. Don,t become a  prospecting snob or a card shuffle  who tries to  psych good Prospect out of the deck. list and saying “…..there are  old…… too young……. to rich……too poor…. To  remote …….to smart …….etc, etc. then you are heading down a track and leads to failure in the early stages of buildings your business you need to talk to everyone because you need the practice learn about your business the law of average proves that you will be successful.  it's just a matter to how successful there every we have to your business that can be solved by increase activities talk to everyone  that's the 1st rule.

RULE NO2#    keep calling people, can be the best presenter  in town but   if you are  do not see enough prospects you are out of business you can be excellent dresser and have a great personalities, but without a significant volume representation ,you will never ever be average  talk to everyone . 

RULE NO3#  many networkers just Bumble along in the business and never reach their potential .they think it's because of the first prospects  they did not convince. that's not true it's because of the prospectus  they did not see. continually tell your story. you only about this if  you only about this first three rules you did become an outrageous  success

RULE NO4#   The law of averages governs the success of every activities in life .it means that if you do the same thing the same way over and over again same  circumstances,  will produce  a set of result that will  always remain constant . for example insurance business I discovered an average of 1: 56 that if I went into the street and asked a  negative question  like –“ who do not want to buy and life insurance ,don't you ?one person in 56 question 168 times day I did make 3 times a day a in the top 5% of salespeople! If you stood on a street corner and said to everyone who walked past “how about joining me in networking business ?the law of average would result perhaps 1:100 would reply yes  the law of average always works. telling.

RULE NO5#  in the insurance business ,I knew that every time I pick up the phone and spoke - someone anyone I had earn  $30 .how ever my ratio  of 10 phone calls to5 appointments  was not good enough in my opinion because it meant that I was burning up through many prospects .i need an appointment getting system that could produced  at least 8 appointments from 10 calls . This made that I would not have to prospect  as hard as I had been because I did not use them out so fast on the phone my appointment to registration ratio of 5:.4 Meant  that 20% of my prospects  are not turning off so I could close this gap if I Phoned better  qualified prospectus  my presention   average of 3:1, could also improve but I still knew that even if I did not change a thing I did still make $30 is each  time I picked up the telephone

keeping ratios then tell you where are you need improvement and show you how successful you can be it where are you focus on the activities that get result not on what happens to you next .
now at the big question  how long doe sit take you to talk  10people  about the business ?
your answer of the question will determine your growth rate in the life insurance business everyone sold in million dollar it just took some people it a lot  longer to do it then others some tips 3 - 5 years to do it well as I did it in one year and that's where the prices and hours later becomes original in the Seeing  peoples that I could sell a million every 12 weeks so it was the planning problem- not selling problem network marketing is exactly the same the reason so many network marketers fail to achieve lofty levels of success is not because  the prospectus they did not convinced speakers its because of the prospects us that did not  see if you want to double your result immediately here the answer  see next year for prospects  this year

5 golden rule of success
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