about malala yousafzai(short story)

                                   Malala Yousafzai

Malala ypusafzai was born July  12, 1997  to ziauddin and yousafzai  in mingora ,Pakistan .at a very young age Malala developed thirst for knowdge.
about malala yousafazi
malala yousafazi

                        in 2017, when Malala wasten years old,the controlled the situation in the swat valley rapidly change for her family and community. the taleban began to control the swat  value and quickly become the domination socio-political force throughout much of northwestern Pakistan. Girls  why are banned from attending school and cultural activities like dancing and watching television wear probhitede .suicide attacks wear widespread ,and the group made  opposition to a proper education for a girl of cornerstone of its terrior  campaigning by the end of 2008 ,the taliban has destroyed some 400 schools.
                              determined  o go to school and with   a firm  Belief in her right  to an education. malala stood of against the Taliban.in early  2009 ,Malala started to blog  anonymously  on the Urdu language site of the British  broadcasting  Corporation ( BBC). She wrote about  life in the swat vally under taliban  rule, and about her desir to go to school .malala  was 11 years old when she wrote  his first BBC  diary entry. under the blog heading “I am afraid” describe her fear of a full –blown  in her beautiful swat valley and her nightmares  about beging afraid I  to go to school because of the  Taliban. On her return  after weeks of being  away from swat Malala once again used the media or contiuned  her  public campaign for her  right to go to school. Her voice grew louder ,and the course of the next three year , she and her father become know throughout Pakistan fot the determation , to give Pakistani girls access to a fre quality education .her activism resulted in a nomination for the international  children's  peace  prize in 2011.that same your  sha was awared  Pakistan's national  youth peace prize .
about mlala yousafazi
but not everyone supported and welcome her camping  to bring about a change in swat  on the morning  of  October 9, 2012,15 years old Malal yousafzai  was  shot by Taliban .she was seriously wounded and  was air lifted to a Pakistani military hospital in Peshwar  and for four days latter to an Intensive  Care  Unit in Birmingham ,England  in March 2013, after week  treatment and therapy ,malala was able to being attending  school in   birmongham.   

Malala Yousafzai
Malala Yousafzai 2015.jpg
Yousafzai in October 2015
Native name
ملاله یوسفزۍ
Born12 July 1997 (age 21)
MingoraSwat, Pakistan
ResidenceBirmingham, England, UK
OccupationActivist for female education, former blogger for BBC Urduand student
OrganisationMalala Fund
Aware Girls
Known forActivist for the right to education, especially female education

After the schooting ,her incrible recovery and return to school resulted in a global  outpouring  for malala .on july 2012 ,her  16 birthday Malala visited new work and spoke about United Nations la tter that year she  published her frist book and autobiography  is  entitled” I am Malala” the girl who stood up for education and was shot  by the Taliban” on October 10, 2013 in account knowledge for her work the  European   Parliament  awarded the prestigious Sakharov  prize for freedom of thought.
                             in 2014 through themalala  fund ,the organization  she cofounder  with her fathe,r Malala traveled  to  jorden to meet Syrian refugees, to  Kenya  to meet young female students,  and  finally to norther n the Nigeria for her 17 th birthday.
                    in October 2014 malala , along with Indian children's right activities Kailash satyarthi was named Nobel Peace Prize winner .at  age 17 ,she become the youngest  person  to receive this prize.accepting this  award , malala  reaffirmed  that” this award is not just for me.it  is for those forgetting children who want education “it is for those fighting children who want peace.it is for those voiceless children who wants change”as of now, the malala fund  has become an organisation that through education in our skills to achieve their potential and become confident and strong leader in their own country is Malala is now an active content of education,empower girls to  achive their potential and become  confindantal and strong leader in their  own conteries .
about malala yousafzai
kalish satyarthi with malala
                                malala is now an active proponent of education  as a fundamental social and economic right. through the Malala fund and with her own voice , Malala yousafzai remains a staunch advocate of the power of education and for girls to become agents of change in their communities.
                             Malala has become a role model for many children all over the world. Mariam, 12, from Pakistan says: 
“Malala is so good. She fights against the Taliban in our area. She is a role model for us. Everyone knows what she thinks and who she is fighting against.”
                                                               speech  malala yousafazi

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